The robot of the poultry breeders for the problems of laying on the ground

A team dedicated to the development of poultry-farming robots

L'équipe de Tibot près de Rennes



The TIBOT Technologies team, which consists of breeders, entrepreneurs and engineers, includes individuals who are both passionate and determined to find the best solutions in robotics for poultry farmers.





Benoit SAVARY - Poultry Farmer

I have been raising breeder hens for over 10 years. Because of health problems, my wife and I came up with the idea of creating a robot to help us move the flocks around.


Out of this idea came TIBOT technologies, the purpose of which is to develop solutions that are practical, reliable, and useful for our profession.


Within the team, I bring knowledge of the sector as well as a shed in which experiments can be carried out with TIBOT robots. I am the Chairman of TIBOT Technologies.



Yanne COURCOUX - President and Chief Executive Officer 

I graduated from Sciences Po Paris [the Paris Institute of Political Studies], after which I worked in change management in high-technology SME’s and start-ups: due diligence, investment raising, merger-acquisition, high growth post IPO’s on international markets. In 2006, I became a partner in the Econet-PNO firm and manage the Public-Private Partnership team in charge of the Microsoft, Apple, and Telefonica accounts.


After 15 years abroad, I settled in Rennes in 2012. Then the Director of the MEITO [Western Electronics, Data Processing, and Telecommunications Mission] , I monitored the birth of TIBOT. I joined the team in January 2017 as shareholder and Chief Executive Officer.


 Pierre MABIT - Project Manager 

After completing a degree in mechanical engineering and production engineering at the University of Nantes, I obtained a master's degree at the École Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées [Engineering School for Advanced Industrial Technologies} (Biarritz, 64), and has also validated a Master of Science degree at Cranfield University (England).

In 2014, I joined the company CIMTECH, as a mechatronic engineer. It is within this engineering firm that the adventure in poultry robotics begins for me when meeting Benoit and Laetitia SAVARY. In 2017, I take the responsibility of Project Manager within Tibot technologies.



Georges ABDAYEM - Embedded-Systems Design Engineer 

In 2009, I obtained, from the University of Caen, a Master 2 EEA (Automatics, Electronics, Industrial Data Processing) with a specialisation in embedded systems. My professional background is rich in projects with real-time constraints, performance, reliability and cost in various sectors such as automotive, aerospace, agriculture, mobile applications (Android and Linux), rail and robotics. I joined TIBOT technologies in May 2017 as the embedded system architect of the Spoutnic robot.



Erwan MATHIEU – Software Developer-User Interface

I graduated from the National Scholl of Engineering in Brest in 2007 I worked for 10 years in developing materials for biotech labs, a strict and demanding environment. I had the opportunity to participate to diverse projects from distributed data storage to communication with electronic controllers through Embedded Linux.

Passionate about my work, I joined Tibot in February 2018 to participate to its dynamism and bring fresh ideas about User Experience.



David FLOC'H -  Embedded-Systems Junior Engineer

Freshly graduated in robotics engineering from ISEN Brest (Higher Institute of Electronics and Digital), I first participated in the Tibot adventure via a one-year professional contract. I now joins Tibot as a junior engineer in embedded system to develop future technical solutions of this ambitious start-up, pioneer in its field.



Marine MOUA Marketing and Communication Manager

Having obtained a Master of International Marketing and Management, I worked in companies with different size and activity during 8 years (culture, environment, bank, trade, territorial community). I acquired skilfulness and a wealth of experience, forces I share with TIBOT. I joined the company in April 2018 as Marketing and Communication Manager.



Rejwan AL YAHYA Business Developer

After graduating from high school in Russia, I studied foreign languages in France and obtained my masters after specializing in international trade. I started my professional career in 1995 as an Export Manager. As part of the different tasks that were assigned to me in the companies I worked for, in the agricultural sector (animal nutrition) and the agri-food sector (poultry trading), I had the occasion to collaborate with different countries (Middle East, Russia, Europe) which allowed me to get to know more and understand every local culture and then serve them better. Today, I look very much forward sharing my professional expertise with TIBOT that I joined in June 2018 as an International Business developer.


Simon PLANARD - Sales Executive

After graduating as an agricultural engineer from Unilasalle, I worked for 5 years at KEENAN France, a subsidiary of a large Irish manufacturer of mixer wagons and nutrition services for ruminant farmers. I advised lot of dairy and beef farmers in the north of France and then I participated to set up an innovative nutrition service for farmers, based on actual feed data recorded by the weigh boxes of mixers.
I joined TIBOT company in August 2018, to participate in its development and offer poultry farmers innovative and useful tools on a daily basis.


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