Technical Data

  • Fiche technique Spoutnic

Spoutnic is the first model of our range. It was born to offer a solution to the floor-egg problem. Its goal is to stimulate birds to move and to train them to lay eggs in the nests. You are more serene about starting and succeeding each flock.

Spoutnic is plug & play. It starts with three buttons and requires no technical installation. And yet, it adapts to your production whether you are in turkeys, breeder broilers or layers thanks to its customization controller !

Weighing 12 kg, you can carry it from one pen to another. It cleans easily and is designed to withstand disinfection products.

Spoutnic brochure (pdf)

Spoutnic controller (pdf)

Data Sheet

Operating Mode

Moves randomly. Obstacle detection and avoidance.


6 speeds (adaptation to flock’s training phase)


56x63x18cm / 22x25x7 in. Compact size to move under feeding chains.


10-12h battery life (lithium)


12 kg / 27 lb


Sound, lights and mechanical stimuli


4-wheel drive for work on uneven litter

Customization Controller

Stimuli settings, hourly programming, turning angles adjustments, software updates

Light Indicators

Battery level and maintenance


Water -, dust-, ammonia resistant (no high pressure cleaning)

Optional customizable accessories