Spoutnic NAV

graphique poules repro Tibot
  • Feed Conversion Ratio: -0.106

  • Average Daily Gain (males): +4.4 gr

  • Gross Margin per sqm (cost of chick and feed): +1,4 €

  • ROI in 7 flocks for a 1200m2 house

  • Spoutnic NAV : le robot dédié aux volailles de chair
  • Spoutnic NAV volailles de chair

Spoutnic NAV is dedicated to broilers. Its mission is twofold: stimulate the movement of poultry and aerate litter.
Installed on the first days of life, the robot stimulates the natural activity of chicks and boosts their weight gain. With Spoutnic NAV, chickens move, scratch, drink and eat.

Spoutnic NAV is equipped with an indoor navigation system enabling it to navigate with precision according to a self-generated or user-defined trajectory.
As your round-the-clock assistant, Spoutnic NAV patrols all day long between drinker nipples and feed delivery systems.

Equipped with a scraper adaptable to the bedding condition, the robot scrapes and aerates the litter to reduce the compacting and humidity that trigger the fermentation process. Thanks to this action, the robot reduces foot pad dermatitis, hock burns and breast blisters.

Less rebedding equals cost savings and lighter workload.


Spoutnic NAV navigates in the poultry house according to a self-generated or user-defined trajectory. The indoor navigation system requires the installation of beacons. This wired installation can be done by your installer or by TIBOT technologies.

The installer enters the building dimensions, the equipment and the position of the beacons with the Customizing Controller. Optimized routes are then self-generated and saved. If he so wishes, the grower can program the robot’s trajectory according to his/her need.

Spoutnic NAV is equipped with a scrapper that aerates the litter without turning it too deep to avoid bringing pathogens back to the surface. The different teeth allow to adapt the tool according to the type of litter (wood shaving, sawdust, rice hulls, chaff, etc.) and the bedding conditions. The height of the scraper is adjustable with the Customizing Controller.

The battery is rechargeable in a main socket allowing the robot to work up to 10 hours a day. Spoutnic NAV can also be recharged automatically on a station (optional). The robot can also return to recharge at its charging base (optional).


  • Maintain a dry litter
  • Works 7 days a week
  • lmproved Average Daily Gain
  • Better Feed Conversion Ratio
  • Reduced capital cost
  • Lower infections (dermatitis, etc.)
  • Reduce treatments and antibiotics use
  • Release stress, boredom, aggressivity
  • Profession’s attractiveness
  • Workforce motivation & optimization