Proven results in broiler farming

  • Consumption index: -0.106
  • Average Daily Gain: +4.4 gr
  • Gross margin per sqm (cost of chick and feed) : + 1.4 €
  • ROI in 7 flocks for a 1200 m² house
  • Spoutnic NAV : le robot dédié aux volailles de chair
  • Robot Soutnic Nav pour élevage de volailles de chair
  • Spoutnic NAV volailles de chair
  • Kit dent Spoutnic

Save time and money, while improving your birds welfare

Lesser strenuous work

  • Less litter management
  • Less time and money spent on mulching
  • Optimized time and work

Improved technical performance

  • Improved ADG
  • Improved FCR
  • Lower condemnation rate
  • Better flock uniformity

Improved animal welfare

  • Less stress & less agressivity
  • Decrease in birds' diseases (pododermatitis, breast blisters)
  • Environmental enrichment

Robot Soutnic Nav pour élevage de volailles de chair

What will a NAV robot do for you?

As a poultry meat producer, you have to find solutions to bird inertia, feeding problems, caked litter and diseases, which impact the profitability of your operation.

You have at heart to comply with animal welfare requirements (pododermatitis, breast blisters and hock burns). The quality of your litter therefore becomes a major concern of yours for the profitability of your operation.

Spoutnic NAV is the assistant which will accompany you on a daily basis: it stimulates the movement of the birds and aerates the litter.

Set up during the first days, the robot encourages the chicks' natural activity and improves their weight gain.

As your round-the-clock assistant, Spoutnic NAV patrols all day long between water lines and feeding chains.

Less mulching  means savings and optimized working time.


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