Broiler Breeders

Proven results in broiler breeders farming

  • -26% floor-eggs in 16 days
  • + 30% mating
  • + 5 points in fertility
  • 3 times less farmer's walkthroughs
  • A ROI in 9 to 18 months depending on production type

Save time and money, while improving your birds welfare

Less strenuous work

  • 3 times less farmer's walkthroughs
  • Less streneous work linked to floor-eggs picking

Improved technical performance

  • Decrease floor-eggs from the start
  • +30% mating
  • Up to +5 points in fertility
  • Boost chick quality and health

Improved animal welfare

  • Less animal stress and agressivity
  • Decrease in bird's diseases (pododermatitis, breast blisters)
  • Environmental enrichment
Spoutnic en Dinde

What will a Spoutnic robot do for you ?

Controlled egg laying on the ground and a good fertility rate guarantee the success of your batch and directly impact your profitability.

Nest education requires you to walk the floor 10 to 12 times a day to move birds. With these repetitive and restrictive tasks, it is sometimes difficult to free up time to deal with the other tasks of the farm.

Spoutnic assists you 7/7 within the barn and stimulates the birds to lay eggs in the nests. Clean eggs laid in the nest produce healthy chicks.

Scientific studies showed that the robot helps maintain hen and rooster activity, resulting in a 30% increase in mating and up to 5 points of additional fertility. This is a productivity booster especially after the birds have reached 45 weeks old age.

Spoutnic works tirelessly according to programmable schedules. It saves you time and improves your living conditions.


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