Breeding turkeys

Proven results in breeding turkeys farming

  • +7 additional eggs/birds (26 weeks)
  • +2.38% in fertility rate
  • +24,366 additional eggs/flock (3140 turkeys)

Save time and money, while improving your birds welfare

Less strenuous work

  • Divide in half the time spent circulating the barn
  • Less time spent on floor-eggs picking and cleaning
  • Less broodies management

Improved technical performance

  • Decrease floor-eggs from the start
  • Increase hatching-eggs
  • Fewer to no broodies at all

Improved animal welfare

  • Environmental enrichment
  • Less stress & agressivity (less picking)
  • Decrease in bird diseases (pododermatittes, breast blisters)
Spoutnic en Dinde

What will a Spoutnic robot do for you ?

Floor-eggs and broodies management are the key factors to the success of your flocks and your operations' profitability.

Nest education requires regular walkthroughs to move the birds. With these repetitive and restrictive tasks, it is sometimes difficult to free up time to deal with the other tasks of the farm.

In breeding turkeys, Spoutnic decreases the number of eggs on the ground by encouraging the birds to go to the nest increasing the number of clean eggs and healthier turkeys. By its movement, Spoutnic drastically reduces the number of broodies to save time and the operations' profitability. Animals are less stressed out.

In a breeding operation, more active hens stimulate reproduction. Clean eggs laid in the nest results in healthy chicks.

Spoutnic works tirelessly according to programmable schedules. It saves you time and improves your living conditions.


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