T-Moov, the latest addition to the Tibot product range

Evolving from Spoutnic, T-Moov is the result of R&D hard work spanning over a year and 4 years of poultry farming customers feedback and information collection. Developed together with poultry farmers, it has been specifically designed for demanding environments, with for instance poor litter conditions or flat feed chains. The robot’s mission is to keep your birds moving and to reduce the count of floor eggs. You can therefore feel more confident about the start and success of each flock.

Détection de la lumière pour plus de sécurité.

En cas de coupure de l’éclairage. T-Moov s’arrête automatiquement pour éviter des mouvements qui pourraient provoquer  des étouffements.

Détection des obstacles à 360° 

Détection des obstacles à 360° des obstacles grâce à sa carapace couvrante pour éviter le blocage sur obstacle comme les pieds de chaînes

Réglages des stimuli, des angles de manœuvre et vitesse

Clavier de commande accessible par une trappe pour un réglage facilité des paramètres du robot (vitesse, stimuli, angles de manœuvre) ou grâce à l’application mobile TIBOT

Garde au sol réglable

2 niveaux de garde au sol et 2 tailles de roues disponibles pour s’adapter à l’ensemble des contraintes de votre élevage (litière dégradée, caillebotis, racleurs, chaînes plates, etc…)

Lasers et accessoires à fixation facilité

Afin d’éviter que les poules ne s’habituent à la présence du robot, T-MOOV dispose d’une large gamme de stimulis dont deux lasers intégrés à l’avant du robot. Vous pouvez également ajouter des accessoires avec une fixation simplifiée et conçue pour éviter le blocage du robot dans le matériel.

Fact sheet

Movement > Aléatoire, Détection et contournement d’obstacles
Speed > 6 vitesses – mini : 0.1m/s mx 0.7 m/s
Dimensions > Longueur: 65 cm x Largeur 54 cm x Hauteur [mini : 18.5 cm – max : 22.5 cm]
Autonomy > 10h d’autonomie avec une batterie Lithium
Charging time > 3h max
Weight > 15 kg
Stimuli > Drapeau avec liaison élastomère / Drapeau avec liaison sur ressort + Laser + son + Lumières
Power > 4 roues motrices pour tout type de litière
Mobile application > Réglage des stimuli, programmation horaire, angles de manoeuvre et poussées, mises à jour logicielles sur Androïd et IOS
Indicator > Niveau de batterie et statut du robot
Protection > Dust-, ammonia- and water-resistant (no pressure washing)

T-Moov, the Plug & Play robot

An easy installation and a quick customization to your production set up


T-MOOV starts with two buttons and does not require any technical installation. And yet, it adapts to your farming thanks to its mobile application, no matter what birds you’re rearing, be they turkeys, reproduction hens or layers!

  • Easy to be started by any user
  • Quick feature settings
  • An easy to reach and protected interface on the robot’s top and via the app
  • Safety automatic sleep mode, thanks to light sensor: the robot stops when the building is plunged into sudden darkness.

For all farms

An ability to really move everywhere, especially in your farm:


T-MOOV moves randomly and autonomously in all sorts of buildings, including the narrowest ones. Its ability to cross the potholes and bumps of an irregular litter is second to none. Its compact size also allows it to go under the feed chains.

  • An adjustable ground clearance to the dimensional limitations of barns.
  • A 360° contact detection all around the edges of the robot, even under flat chain.
  • Getting around any obstacles without getting jammed, e.g., walls, nests, hopper feet, dead hens, etc.
  • Up to 10 hours of work and autonomy: rechargeable battery to plug into a wall socket.

Avoid ing the habituation of animals

A wide variety of movements and stimuli, which parameters may be changed for each flock:


T-MOOV has 6 adjustable speeds and thus adapts specifically to the flock (species, strain, etc.). The maneuvering angles are adaptable to the building type. Possible combinations of sound and visual stimuli create some variety for the animals.

  • Stimulation without habituation for a long-lasting effectiveness
  • Wide visual light effects giving the impression that the robot changes colors.
  • Robot motions made easy and versatile.
  • 10 sound tones, 7 light colors, laser pointer projected on the ground at the front.

Extremely strong and easy maintenance

Hygiene and longevity at stake


T-MOOV is designed to withstand the extreme environments and constraints of animal husbandry. It is impervious to high concentrations of ammonia, dust, and water. It is easy to clean and is designed to resist disinfection products.


  • A chassis ensuring a complete sealed protection of the robot’s vital parts.
  • 2. Chemical resistance, fire resistance, mechanical resistance (claws, chicken beaks, shocks on equipment and walls, ammonia, chicken manure, etc.), and dust resistance.
  • Designed to limit hooking probabilities, with an easily removable shell, it is adapted to disinfection protocols


Accessories adapted to your needs

Mobile application



Mobile application

Thanks to the new available TIBOT mobile application on Android and IOS, you can now adapt sound and visual stimuli, program work schedules or adjust maneuvering angles to the specificities of your production barns. It’s a new way to relieve yourself from some burdens, to free up more time, and therefore to get organized in a different way.


Large wheels (190 mm diameter) (7.5 in)
Small wheels (170 mm diameter) (6.7 in)
We will advise you on the most suitable type of wheels to your litter and equipment.

Two wheels of the Spoutnic robot


Because we know that the birds get used to the robot, it is necessary to introduce a variety of stimuli. Thanks to magnet fasteners requiring no additional tools, you may change mechanical stimuli.

A yellow flag and a red flag specific to the Spoutnic robot

How much are floor eggs costing you?

Find out how much you could save with fewer eggs laid on the ground thanks to the T-Moov robot !

Simulate your savings


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Our clients


Laetitia Savary – France

Laetitia Savary is a breeder in Mayenne, France. A breeding specialist, she and her husband came up with the idea of the robot, which led to the creation of TIBOT Technologies. She explains why she opted for a robotic solution, and what benefits Spoutnic has brought to her farm.

Béatrice Coignard – France

Béatrice Coignard raises breeding hens in northwestern France (Ille-et-Vilaine). She explains the benefits that Spoutnic has brought her.

Matt Garman – USA

Matt Garman is an organic layer breeder in Pennsylvania. Frustrated with the floor eggs on his farm, he tells us how he discovered TIBOT and how this little robot made a difference for him.

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