Le robot avicole Tibot Spoutnic NAV vue de haut

Spoutnic NAV

Invented by breeders, developed for their needs, rewarded by their results

Spoutnic NAV is designed for use with broiler birds. Its job is to perform two tasks : to stimulate the movement of poultry and to aerate the litter.

characteristics of the robot Spoutnic NAV

Equipped with a scraper that can be adjusted to the state of the soil, Spoutnic NAV scrapes and aerates the litter to limit compaction and moisture that would lower its quality. By doing so, it reduces bumblefoot and burns of the tarsus and wishbone.

Adjustable light and sound stimuli keep the birds from getting too used to the robot.

Thanks to its indoor navigation system, SPOUTNIC NAV identifies the positions of all your equipment in order to avoid any contact with your water or feed lines. Its programmable path allows for consistent stimulation of the animals and maintenance of all the litter.

Spoutnic NAV has 10-hour battery life and can be recharged in 3 hours.

Water rinsing and wheel disassembly with simple nuts for quick-and-easy maintenance.

Safe navigation in the pen

The indoor navigation system requires the installation of beacons. This wired installation can be done by your installer or by TIBOT Technologies. The installer inputs the dimensions of the building, its equipment, and the beacon positions with the customization controller. Optimized routes are then self-generated and saved.

Scraping the litter

The scraper aerates the litter without turning it over too completely, to avoid pathogens coming to the surface. Its teeth allow the tool to be adapted to the type of litter (shavings, chopped straw, miscanthus, rice husks, etc.) and potential changes to it. The height of the scraper can be adjusted with the customization controller.

Withstands the challenges of breeding; easy maintenance

Spoutnic is ammonia-, dust- and waterproof. It is easy to clean and is designed to withstand disinfectants.

10-hour battery

The battery can be recharged from a power outlet, allowing the robot to work up to 10 hours a day.

Customizable movement & stimuli

In total, its 6 speeds allow it to adapt to the flock (species, breed, etc.). The maneuvering angles can be adjusted to the type of building.

The benefits of the robot

Fact sheet

Movement > Indoor navigation along an self-generated or chosen route
Dimensions > Tool raised: 63x 58 x 27 cm or 25 x 23 x 10.6 inches / Tool lowered: 63 x 65 x 19 cm or 25 x 25.6 x 7.5 inches
Tool > Adjustable scraper that can change to suit the litter
Battery life > 10 hours, lithium battery
Charging time > 3 hours max.
Weight > 18 kg
Stimuli > Visual, audio, mechanical all customizable
Power > 4-wheel drive for all types of litter
Customization controller > Path generation, stimuli setting, time programming
Indicator > Battery level and robot status
Protection > Water, dust, ammonia. Crawlspace-resistant beacons (IP68K)
Photographie du robot dans un poulailler.
Photographie des roues du Spoutnic NAV
Photographie des dents du Spoutnic NAV
Photographie du robot en action.
Photographie des éléments associés au robot.
Photographie du Spoutnic NAV vu de près.
Photographie du robot pendant les réglages apportés par un éleveur.

Accessories adapted to your needs

Customization controller




Customization controller

Thanks to the customization controller, you can now adapt sound and visual stimuli, program in work schedules, or adjust maneuvering angles to the unique aspects of your farm. It’s a new way to give yourself a break, free up more time, and therefore organize your routine differently.

Customization controller front view and side view for the Spoutnic robot


  • Large wheels : 6 cm ground clearance in front of the bumper
  • Small wheels : 5 cm ground clearance in front of the bumper

We will advise you on the type of wheels best suited to your litter and equipment.

Two wheels of the Spoutnic robot


Because we know that birds get used to the robot, it is necessary to vary the stimuli. This flag kit allows you to hang and change the objects of interest.

A yellow flag and a red flag specific to the Spoutnic robot


Different teeth allow the scraper to be adapted to the type of litter (shavings, chaff, rice husks, etc.) and potential changes to it.

Photographie du robot pendant les réglages apportés par un éleveur.


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Our clients


Isabelle Thireau – Poultry farmer in Saint-Cyr-la-Gravelais, France

I tested Spoutnic NAV with heavy broilers. With the robot, I have halved my litter maintenance visits. On top of that, the birds are moving and gaining more weight. My results and quality of life are better.


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