Poultry robot Spoutnic seen from above


Invented by breeders, developed for their needs, rewarded by their results

Spoutnic is the first product in our line. Its job is to get your birds moving and reduce the floor egg rate. You’ll feel more secure about the start and success of each flock of animals.

Photographie de dos du robot de Tibot

Spoutnic is turned on with two buttons and requires no technical installation.

Adjustable light and sound stimuli keep the birds from getting too used to the robot.

6 movement speeds and 3 maneuvering angles allow it to adapt to all pens.

Emphasis on obstacle adjustment and scare hens mode to urges the birds to move more regularly and stimulate their natural activity.

Water rinsing and wheel disassembly with simple nuts for quick-and-easy maintenance.

Plug & Play

Spoutnic is plug & play. It turns on with two buttons and requires no technical installation. Though simple, it adapts to your production whether you have turkeys, breeding hens or egg-layers thanks to its customization controller!

Movement & detection even under flat chains

Spoutnic moves randomly and autonomously on any type of litter.

Its compact size also allows it to fit underneath feed chains. If it encounters an obstacle (wall, nesting box, hopper base, dead hen, etc.), it detects it and turns away.

Withstands the challenges of breeding; easy maintenance

Spoutnic is ammonia-, dust- and waterproof. It is easy to clean and is designed to withstand disinfectants.

10-hour battery

The battery can be recharged from a power outlet, allowing the robot to work up to 10 hours a day.

Customizable movement & stimuli

In total, its 6 speeds allow it to adapt to the flock (species, breed, etc.). The maneuvering angles can be adjusted to the type of building.

The benefits of the robot

Fact sheet

Movement > Random. Obstacle detection and avoidance
Speed > 6 speeds (adapting to the flock)
Dimensions > 63 x 58 x 19 cm or 25 x 23 x 7.5 inches. Compact to fit underneath feeder chains
Battery life > 10 hours with a lithium battery
Charging time > 3 hours max.
Weight > 12 kg
Stimuli > Light, sound and mechanical
Power > 4-wheel drive for all types of litter
Customization controller > Stimulus settings, time programming, maneuvering angles and thrusts, software updates
Indicator > Battery level and robot status
Protection > Dust-, ammonia- and water-resistant (no pressure washing)
Spoutnic robot passing under an iron bar
Spoutnic robot with a blue light stimulus
Spoutnic robot with a green light stimulus
Zoom on the front of the Spoutnic robot
Zoom on the two right wheels of the robot
Zoom on the Spoutnic robot's charging socket
Zoom in on the plug with the Spoutnic robot connection
Zoom on the Spoutnic robot
Technician changing a wheel on the Spoutnic robot
Spoutnic robot with one wheel removed
Spoutnic robot on straw with the green light stimulus on
Zoom on the light stimuli of the Spoutnic robot
Breeder carrying the robot with one hand
Spoutnic robot transported by hand by a technician

Accessories adapted to your needs

Customization controller


Side bumpers


Customization controller

Thanks to the customization controller, you can now adapt sound and visual stimuli, program in work schedules, or adjust maneuvering angles to the unique aspects of your farm. It’s a new way to give yourself a break, free up more time, and therefore organize your routine differently.

Customization controller front view and side view for the Spoutnic robot


  • Large wheels : 6 cm ground clearance in front of the bumper
  • Small wheels : 5 cm ground clearance in front of the bumper


We will advise you on the type of wheels best suited to your litter and equipment.

Two wheels of the Spoutnic robot

Side bumpers

They are recommended depending on the characteristics of your building and your equipment.

Zoom on the side bumpers of the Spoutnic robot


Because we know that birds get used to the robot, it is necessary to vary the stimuli. This flag kit allows you to hang and change the objects of interest.

A yellow flag and a red flag specific to the Spoutnic robot

How much are floor eggs costing you?

Find out how much you could save with fewer eggs laid on the floor thanks to the Spoutnic robot!

Simulate your savings


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Our clients


Laetitia Savary – France

Laetitia Savary is a breeder in Mayenne, France. A breeding specialist, she and her husband came up with the idea of the robot, which led to the creation of TIBOT Technologies. She explains why she opted for a robotic solution, and what benefits Spoutnic has brought to her farm.

Béatrice Coignard – France

Béatrice Coignard raises breeding hens in northwestern France (Ille-et-Vilaine). She explains the benefits that Spoutnic has brought her.

Matt Garman – USA

Matt Garman is an organic layer breeder in Pennsylvania. Frustrated with the floor eggs on his farm, he tells us how he discovered TIBOT and how this little robot made a difference for him.

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