Quality litter made simple

Developed hand in hand with breeders, the new Easy-LIT electric scarifier has been designed to allow you to maintain your litter without noise, without dust, without lifting the equipment and on your own without risking injury to the poultry. Thanks to Easy-LIT, simplify the maintenance of the litter

Light and handy 

With its 35 kg weight and its front idler-wheel, Easy-LIT allows for immediate turning at the end of the chain and easily maneuvering around obstacles.

Poultry protection

No need for a second person to move your animals away in front of the machine. Its shell allows you to work directly next to your poultry and protect them from injuries.

Works under drincker lines and on moist areas

No need to lift your equipment (drinker lines, plate, etc.). Its shell enables you to work close to the equipment and even push your drinking nipples, with no risk of breaking or spilling.

Adjustable working depth

The handle features 5 mm notches enabling you to adjust the depth of the tool with only one hand. This way you can easily adapt the machine to uneven litter.

No dust

The protective skirt keeps dust and litter on the floor. It prevents your poultry and yourself from inhaling dust.


This quite noiseless machine thanks to its electric motor makes a regular litter maintenance possible without stressing the birds and ensures greater convenience while you work.

Protectinf your concrete slab

If the machine hits the concrete floor, a safety device stops the motor to protect both your slab and the equipment.

Fact sheet

Dimensions > Width 700 mm x Length 823 mm x Height 481 mm – Working witdth of the rotating tool : 600 mm
Battery life > 2 hours – Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries
Motor Power > 200 W
Recharge time > 10 hours for a fully drained battery
Weight > 35 kg
Indicator > Battery level
Protection and sealing > Dust, amonia, and water resistant (please do not use a high pressure washer!)
User safety > “Dead man’s handle” in case the operator falls or faints
Equipment safety > Controlled motor/circuit breaker to stop immedialty in case the tool hits the ground (protecting both the concrete slab and the monitor)

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