Spoutnic goes to the middle of the broiler chickens


Maintain your litter and improve your technical performance!

As a professional in the broiler industry, you need to find solutions to keep your poultry moving and ensure the quality of your litter in a time of de-medication and consideration for animal welfare. Spoutnic NAV assists you 24/7 to achieve your profitability goals.

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Less toil, more time to do your job (A better technical efficiency)

Litter maintenance and getting the birds to move is a repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Sometimes this can make it hard for you to get on with other farm work. Spoutnic NAV saves up to 50% of your time and cuts the number of pen walk-throughs to one third. This lets you focus more on your job and livestock.

Lower feed cost, a higher ADG, more homogeneity

The robot enhances the animals’ natural activity. The feed they eat is put to better use, triggering weight gain from the very first days, and leading to a more homogeneous batch. You’ll see a better value from your group as well as savings on feed and condemnations.

Spoutnic robot in a broiler farm

Fewer illnesses, a higher added value

The robot stimulates the activity of the birds, which scratch, drink and eat. Bumblefoot, wishbone and tarsal burns, and cysts are decreasing.

The Spoutnic robot surrounded by broilers

Less aggression, more stimulating environment

While making the animals move, the robot triggers better behaviors : Less pecking, dust bathing, scratching, grooming, etc. Spoutnic NAV, with its variety of sound and visual stimuli, makes a better living environment.

The Spoutnic poultry robot walking down the aisle of a broiler farm

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Tibot, the poultry robot invented by growers, developed for their needs, proven by their results.

Co-founded by a poultry breeder and his wife, Tibot’s objective is to find solutions to meet the requirements of your business. For the past 5 years, all our robots have been developed, tested and improved through experiments with our partnering breeders. This guarantees a product tailored to the realities of each farm!

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