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Spoutnic gets the birds moving and urges them to lay eggs in the nests. It assists you by reducing the floor egg rate and increasing mating and fertility.


A plug & play device, it is started on with three buttons and requires no technical installation. It fits to your production whether you have turkeys, breeding hens or egg-layers thanks to its customization controller!

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Tibot Spoutnic Robot


Evolving from Spoutnic, T-Moov is the result of R&D hard work spanning over a year and 4 years of poultry farming customers feedback and information collection. Developed together with poultry farmers, it has been specifically designed for demanding environments, with for instance poor litter conditions or flat feed chains. The robot’s mission is to keep your birds moving and to reduce the count of floor eggs. You can therefore feel more confident about the start and success of each flock.

Discover the T-Moov robot
T-Moov poultry robot

Spoutnic Nav

Spoutnic NAV stimulates bird movement and aerates the litter. It encourages the natural activity of your poultry and promotes weight gain for an optimized Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and Average Daily Gain (ADG).

With Spoutnic NAV, the birds move, scratch, drink and feed more regularly. A tireless assistant, it scrapes the litter all day long between the drinking nipples and the feeding chains. Less scouring means saving money and shorter work!

Discover the Spoutnic NAV robot


Tibot, the poultry robot invented by growers, developed for their needs, proven by their results.

Co-founded by a poultry breeder and his wife, Tibot’s objective is to find solutions to meet the requirements of your business. For the past 5 years, all our robots have been developed, tested and improved through experiments with our partnering breeders. This guarantees a product tailored to the realities of each farm!

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Less drudgery

time saving
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A better animal health

pecking and an enriched environment
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A higher profitability

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