The robot of the poultry breeders for the problems of laying on the ground

After-Sales Service

Manufacturer's warranty

Spoutnic comes with a twelve-month manufacturer’s warranty (see our General Terms and Conditions)


Preventive-service package


With the preventive-service package, you send your robot in for an annual maintenance check during your cleanout time. Your robot is examined immediately by TIBOT technologies’ after-sales workshop, which will check the battery, motors, electronic systems and update the software. Depending on the robot’s running and operating time, the replacement of certain parts could possibly be recommended to ensure the proper operation of your Spoutnic for many years.

The replacement of parts is made on the basis of a quote.


Maintenance and after-sales service


We comply with your biosecurity rules. Therefore, we do not operate within your farm, to limit contamination risks. That is part of your job, and we adapt ourselves to this situation.
The robot is equipped with a service indicator light.
In the event of a breakdown or of maintenance, a carrier will pick the robot up in its transportation box at your location. You are liable for transportation costs. This solution guarantees the respect of health and hygiene rules, and is less costly than the on-site intervention by a technician.


Strict disinfection procedure at the workshop


To eliminate cross-contamination risks in the workshop, we have implemented a robot-disinfection procedure.

  • You remove and keep the wheels (rather than brushing them) unless they are damaged.
  • The robot must be clean and disinfected before being delivered to the carrier.
  • Upon entering and leaving the TIBOT workshop, the robot is decontaminated in an atomisation chamber.
  • Upon its return to your farm, you have the robot go through your decontamination room.


The hotline number:

+33 2 30 96 48 00



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