The robot of the poultry breeders for the problems of laying on the ground

Results of experiments using Spoutnic - Breeding Poultry

In 2 weeks, Spoutnic obtains results normally attained in 6 weeks... 


Evolution of hatching-egg and floor-egg rates for a 15-day period


-23% floor-eggs in 15 days
Half as many farmer walkthroughs




Experiment’s technical data: breeding hens, heavy breed, wood-shavings litter, lift plates. Experiment carried out in January 2017.



Decrease in floor-eggs compared to case control



-32% in 12 days
(from 55% to 23%)


WIThout spoutnic & walktroughs of 2 people full-time

-16% in 12 days
(from 43% to 27%)



Technical data of the experiment: breeding hens, wood-shavings litter, ground-level feeding systems. Experiment carried out in April 2017.

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