The robot of the poultry breeders for the problems of laying on the ground

Autonomous robot for breeding poultry

Because well-trained hens means fewer eggs on the floor and more in the nest 

Breeder and egg-laying sector

The floor-egg problem

Floor eggs represent thousands of euros in turnover losses, not to mention the human-resources cost of moving hens flocks around and picking up the floor eggs, nor the frequent health problems this work entails!


The Spoutnic animation robot was born precisely to offer a solution to this problem.



Robot d'animation de poulailler

Spoutnic, the poultry farmer’s helper

The robot circulates among the flock to get the hens moving and encourages them to lay eggs in the nest box. Over the long run, it trains them to develop good habits. Birds that move are naturally healthier and more fertile. In lowering the number of floor eggs, Spoutnic automatically helps reduce the exhausting work of gathering downgraded eggs.

Fewer eggs on the ground necessarily means higher-quality eggs and a better prevention of health risks.




  • Autonomous robot helper
  • Flock animation 7 days a week
  • No additional manpower
  • After-sales maintenance



  • Decrease in proportion of floor eggs
  • Increase in hatching-egg number
  • Increased profitability
  • Decrease of work hardness
  • Better working conditions
  • Decreased use of antibiotics
  • Trains hens to go to the nest


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